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Futuristic Lingo Quiz



I’ve learned a lot of new terms for things as I write my Cyberpunk novel, and have included a lot of them in my book. It’s a challenge to write them in such a way that my readers understand what they refer to without directly explaining it. Characters in the world would obviously know what they mean, so they wouldn’t stand there quoting the dictionary.

Just for fun, I made this quiz from some of the terms in my book. See if you can spot the fake definitions from the real ones!

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I love this! Reminds me of the Neuromancer lingo. It was a hard book to follow, even after you get used to the jargon. I'm a sucker for wordplay though. I think you've come up with some cool ideas. I particularly like the screen scraper one :)

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Not all were my ideas. I searched a couple cyberpunk fan forums for words they use frequently. Screen scraper was not mine.

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