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  2. Getting into heaven has never been quite so amusing. Read More View the full article
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  4. Subscription Box Recommendations

    There are SO many subscription boxes these days. I recommend going on youtube and looking up book unboxings and you'll be able to find something that really fits what you're looking for
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  6. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Love it! That is awesome.
  7. Subscription Box Recommendations

    Wow, haven't heard of this one. Love the idea. It's going a step further than other boxes (tea and candles seem to be staples). It's interesting to me how these subscription boxes sell reading "experiences." Full on armchair traveling!
  8. FALL!!!!

    Minnesota is gorgeous and snowy now! When I lived in New York there was such a long, pretty fall with crisp air and colorful leaves. It wouldn't snow until January. I'm a true Minnesotan though, I love that it's snowing already.
  9. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Late to the party but here's mine! I rented a velvet ballgown from a costume shop, rolled up the front and wore "leather" leggings, and strapped my buckler on the back for good measure. I wore this to the Oakeshott Institute Masquerade Ball. Next year I need a sheath so I can wear my sword
  10. Subscription Box Recommendations

    Oh wow! I hadn't seen Unicorn Crate before, and now I want that too! 😂 The life of a bookworm! 💙📚💚
  11. Subscription Box Recommendations

    I'm seriously debating Unicorn Crate or Fairy Loot. I can only do one, so I'm torn because they both sound so cool!
  12. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    I understand this completely. I kept thinking I was going to dress up, and in the end... my kids wore their costumes from last year (which they still love) and I was just glad to pull on my jacket and walk with them. That's okay, though. It will balance out another year, and sometimes you have to give other things priorities. 💜 Maybe next year we'll both manage it!
  13. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    I didn't dress up this year!!! Just too busy with work and school
  14. Feminist Book Review: The Golem and the Jinni

    Light spoilers ahead. During a long Sunday walk, I found the Golem and the Jinni in a Little Free Library. After reading the jacket, I was sold. I’m a sucker for mythology, so I just had to take the Golem and the Jinni home. The book first introduces Chava, the golem. She’s a woman formed… Read More View the full article
  15. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Aw, cute! I bet that was fun <3
  16. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Check out LJ's Halloween decorations from her blog post:
  17. My over the top love of Halloween

    This is so cool!!!! I aspire to get to this level. Unfortunately I didn't get to the store fast enough the day after halloween to really stock up on good deals. We do have spider lights projected on our garage door though, and big spider webs across our porch. The light up zombie hands are next level
  18. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Oh shoot - I forgot to take pictures yesterday! *terrible mom moment* I didn't dress up myself, but I took a blue unicorn and a "monkey cat" trick-or-treating.
  19. Subscription Box Recommendations

    I've been eyeing The Alignist because... a multi-sensory box featuring stories from different cultures from around the world just sounds awesome. Haven't made the jump yet! http://www.thealignist.com/subscribe/
  20. Last year, right after Halloween, when the decorations went on sale, my husband got me another fog machine, a life sized poseable skeleton, and assorted ghosts. He gets me. He really gets me. I'm not an expensive jewelry or clothing type of gal and never, ever bring me roses. Want to see me swoon? Buy me a light projector that shows flying ghosts against my house and I'm a happy camper. This is my "Trick or Tree". (I wish I had made up that name, but it was one of my clever facebook friends.) Well, what else do you do when you have a giant trash bag full of skulls? Wait. Don't answer that. . . Our challenge every year is to put together a selection of our decorations in a fresh way to create something that is spooky and creative without being too terrifying for the little trick or treaters yet still cool enough for the teenagers. I may have struck the balance to the scary side this year, because I spooked a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman. I felt terrible! As I said, normally Neil waits until the post-Halloween sale to pick up new treats for me. But this year, he couldn't resist and these 2 hell-hounds were added to the stockpile. They are motion and touch sensitive and their eyes glow red and they bark and howl. So of course I created a tableaux of "good dog" and "bad dog". (No actual dogs were harmed in the making of this display.) When night falls, and we bring out the lights and the fog machines, it looks like this: It was a smaller display than in prior years. Partly because of the stormy weather we had in the run up to Halloween, party because Neil and I were out of town last week. We've had these bones for years. It's fun to watch the young kids work on reading the words. Just doin' my part for literacy! And who doesn't need spooky light up zombie hands? Yes, we fogged up the entire neighborhood. #sorrynotsorry Today is devoted to packing it all away and putting it back in the attic until next year. email: Free eBook Free/DRM-free short fiction publication news View the full article
  21. Share your Halloween Costumes!

    1950's Pregnant Housewife
  22. Huzzah! My nonfiction early reader book is now in print!

    The illustrations turned out even better than I anticipated :D:D:D




  23. New Members!

  24. Subscription Box Recommendations

    What other subscription boxes do you all get? I've heard of OwlCrate and Fairy Loot and I'm trying to pick one to try! I'm guessing there are other options out there too
  25. New Members!

    Yes, I do. My blog is called Marzie's Reads.
  26. New Members!

    I would also like to know! I love book blogs - do you do YA?
  27. New Members!

    Cool! What's your blog?
  28. New Members!

    Hi! I'm a book review blogger, a friend of Intisar and I wanted to support the your promotion of women writers!
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