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Moon Princes Thia

Bookstagram Anyone?

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I have also been considering it. One of my friends does it a LOT and really well. You can follow her to see good examples of what it's like: redrchl.reads

She showed me her set-up, and she basically has a large bookshelf sorted by "to read", "to photograph", and "read". She has a pile of printed backgrounds and a basket of silk flowers and other random things to throw into the pictures. She also subscribes to about a billion book boxes per month, which is where she gets most of her books and swag.

From what I gathered when I talked to her about it:

Pros: Lots of books. All the books! Book porn! You get to enjoy showing off books you love to others instead of just shelving them. And you get to read books you otherwise would not have considered. It's a ton of fun and is a great way to build an online platform made entirely of book lovers (aka readers). You can do events that cross over with other bookstagrams, build a community, connect with both authors and readers, etc. You can double post everything from your bookstagram to Pinterest. Authors will throw ARCs at you hoping for promotion, so free books! You can also make a big deal of unboxing the monthly subscriptions, which to me would feel like I get more enjoyment for my money that way.

Cons: The book boxes of the month can get pricey, you need extra space to store all the books and stay organized, and you do need to actually read a bunch (which isn't really a downside, but it can get stressful when life gets busy and you don't have as much time to read). Posting regularly comes with its own set of hurdles. Kindle books aren't very photogenic so you have to buy physical copies. Your significant other may bemoan the loss of space to books that pile up. Not everything you get in the book boxes you will like or want to read. Authors will throw ARCs at you hoping for promotion and you have to be careful to not let your thread turn into an advertising campaign. Basically it can become a nightmare if you're not organized.

Ok, I've convinced myself now to start a bookstagram. I was really struggling to come up with cons. :D All the ones I listed are kind of meh compared to the fun side of things.

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It can be time intensive. We've used the hashtag a few times with our F-BOM instagram, but ultimately we aren't trying to replicate what the bookstagrammers are doing. We just want to highlight the awesome F-BOM authors and their beautiful covers. I am in the Owlcrate facebook group and it is a super popular pasttime. It's similar to blogging though -a  lot of people start and then stop after the initial rush of excitement turns in to the grind of content creation. As with anything you have to commit to it and realize that your excitement will ebb and flow, so you have to know what the goal is and reward yourself when you see it's results. 

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