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Welcome to F-BOM! We are so excited you are here. I'm Lindsey Taveren, one of the F-BOM co-founders, and everyday we are working hard to create a community that you can be proud to be a part of. 

Please introduce yourself here! We would love to learn more about you, and what you are hoping to find with your new F-BOM membership.

  • Awesome books? Check!
  • A place to ask the author a question? Check! 
  • Forums to discuss literature and feminist? Check and Check! 

If you have questions, you can submit them in our public "support" forum, or via a private support request. Not sure where to start? Why don't you join us around the watercooler:D

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Hi! I know I introduced myself in the old Beta forum, but I'll do it again :)

I'm an aspiring author, who has recently come out as bisexual (at least online, if not in real life). I'm trying to use the writer forums to get myself writing again.

What I like about F-BOM is being able to ask questions to the author. I can read the book, and then if I come up with a question I can ask it right away. It's really cool!


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Well, since you asked so nicely ;) 

I'm a big YA reader fan but super curious about reading more adult fiction too, since I've neglected that for so long. I'm interested in F-BOM because I want to support indie writers (especially women!). So far I've loved everything I've read, so I'm a fan for life! 

In my personal life, not much to tell, I work a boring day job, single, have a cat, that's about it. I'm toying around with writing a book, but we'll see how far that goes. 

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