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Best TV Show of all time (and why?)

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So this last couple of weeks I've been bingeing the first two seasons of HBO's "The Wire" and MY GOD, this show is hands down some of the best TV I've ever watched. I had heard good things from people before, but I finally checked it out because i needed something to fill the void each week between thew new Walking Dead episodes. 

If you haven't watched it yet - do it. The Wire is SUCH good writing. It is a character driven show where every person has a story and is important. The setting is Baltimore, and we see the innermost workings of a West Side drug ring and the Baltimore police special detail that are trying to unravel the ring. The politics on both sides is intricate, and the characters often find themselves in lose-lose situations. It does a really good job of showing the bleak realities of the young men, and women, who feel that drug trafficking is their only way to make a living. It also shows how corruption of the police force can prevent good work from being done. 

I still have three seasons of "The Wire" left, but now I'm watching the first season of the Sopranos, because I am thirsty for more good TV I have been missing out on. 

What recommendations do you all have? What's your favorite show of all time and why? 

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I have a difficult time deciding which show is the best of all time (too many good shows for that!) 

That said, I was very, very impressed with Breaking Bad. For all the things it does right, I keep coming back to character development. The main protagonist becomes the antagonist and the lines of morality get so blurred it's hard to tell right from wrong anymore. The finale left me hollowed out and stunned for a few days. For the record, I think Walt is a wicked human being. 

I also love the revamped Doctor Who, although it has started to lose its charm for me (series seven went way downhill, yikes.) Hope it picks up again. 

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I remember the Wire was super popular when I worked at the Library for a few years ago. People were always checking out the DVDs. I have watched the first season of Breaking Bad, and I just really hated Walt so I couldn't get into it. 

If I had to pick my favorite show of all time....man that's hard! I really like Sailor Moon, but I also had a Dark Angel phase (but it got cancelled after 2 seasons). I am also a big Walking Dead fan, so I think that's what I'd have to go with currently. Especially season 5, which was just amazing. 

I'm sensing a trend here though! I would also characterize TWD as a character driven show. 

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The Wire has been on my list for sooo long. Maybe this is the year :D 

My favorite good-fun show is Once Upon A Time. It wouldn't compete with The Wire or BB probably, but it takes itself just the right amount of serious. I love the characters and I still talk about the plot twist from season 5!

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