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Black Mirror and EC Episode

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Has anyone here watched the 4th season of Black Mirror yet? I was curious about reactions to the Archangel episode. I've seen complaints online that it confuses the Plan B pill with an abortion, further clouding the issue of making emergency contraception available over the counter. 

However, I never interpreted the pill she took as a Plan B generic. I figured since it was a near-future type episode with that degree of tracking technology that the pill was in fact a safe OTC abortion option. 


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I was mixed about it. I was initially confused once the nurse said it was EC, because it didn't make sense the mom would use EC when she knew the sexual encounter was older than 24 hours. When the nurse said she was no longer pregnant, then I assumed the same as you did - that in this future world we have an accessible early abortion OTC option. I can see how people would be upset though. No doubt we are a bit more aware of the issue of Plan B and how it is different than abortion. 

It could be that other people are still conflating the two, and this episode will further cement their belief. 

That first episode though! Such a good one - that is my favorite so far. 

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