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  1. TheRealLindsey

    The Werewolf Whisperer Book Review

    This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to sit down with Camilla Ochlan and Bonita Gutierrez, co-authors of The Werewolf Whisper, an independent urban fantasy series about a pair of women who team up in the aftermath of a “werewolf apocalypse”. When the Kyon Virus infects huge portions of the population, it has… Read More The post The Werewolf Whisperer Book Review appeared first on F-BOM. View the full article
  2. TheRealLindsey

    WisCon 42 Roundup

    We love WisCon! F-BOM founders Cecelia and Lindsey have been attending WisCon for the last 5 years and each time it has been a wonderful experience. For those who don’t know, WisCon is a feminist science fiction and fantasy convention. Located at the Concourse Hotel in Madison every Memorial Day weekend, the con features panels,… Read More The post WisCon 42 Roundup appeared first on F-BOM. View the full article
  3. TheRealLindsey

    What Do We Look For In An F-BOM Author?

    In order to demystify our process, and hopefully take down another barrier for indie authors, we want to talk about what we look for when authors submit their work to us. Read More The post What Do We Look For In An F-BOM Author? appeared first on F-BOM. View the full article
  4. TheRealLindsey

    Avengers excitement anyone?

    I'm watching Ant Man right now! For sure my family is excited about Infinity War. We've been gradually rewatching many of the films, and it's fun to see now how they all tie together, especially with the end credit vignettes on each film.
  5. TheRealLindsey

    Futuristic Lingo Quiz

    Interesting! I didn't realize there was a common forum of cyberpunk phrases used in fiction.
  6. Hartman drops you into a seemingly familiar reality. However, the veil is quickly lifted in this dystopian noir. Read More The post Daughters of Anarchy: F-BOM Book of the Month Review appeared first on F-BOM. View the full article
  7. TheRealLindsey

    Winter 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Winners

    Read the winners of the Winter 2018 flash fiction contest, In Dreams. Read More The post Winter 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Winners appeared first on F-BOM. View the full article
  8. TheRealLindsey

    Sunbolt: F-BOM Book of the Month Review

    A spoiler-free review of F-BOM Fall 2017 Book of the Month, Sunbolt by Intisar Khanani Read More The post Sunbolt: F-BOM Book of the Month Review appeared first on F-BOM. View the full article
  9. TheRealLindsey

    Community Poll Time!

    We want to hear from you! How do you think F-BOM should celebrate 1 year of promoting amazing authors of SFF?
  10. TheRealLindsey

    Bookstagram Anyone?

    It can be time intensive. We've used the hashtag a few times with our F-BOM instagram, but ultimately we aren't trying to replicate what the bookstagrammers are doing. We just want to highlight the awesome F-BOM authors and their beautiful covers. I am in the Owlcrate facebook group and it is a super popular pasttime. It's similar to blogging though -a lot of people start and then stop after the initial rush of excitement turns in to the grind of content creation. As with anything you have to commit to it and realize that your excitement will ebb and flow, so you have to know what the goal is and reward yourself when you see it's results.
  11. TheRealLindsey

    Risk (why my book is like a Trireme)

    I love this comparison as much as I love playing Civilization. I discovered the game later in life but that didn't make it any less enjoyable. Now maybe can use this metaphor to get myself writing again....
  12. TheRealLindsey

    Women's History Month!

    Fantastic question. I think for me it is a more internalized path of self-care as I try to get my life ready for maternity leave. I've been steadily cutting back on commitments and figuring out where my new boundaries are (which are doubtless going to change again). For me pregnancy has also made me think back on how women have endured/celebrated womanhood throughout the centuries. There are so many unwritten women's names in history that we'll never know, but I take solace in the fact they achieved extraordinary things even when they knew they would get no credit. We know that women have done far more than what male historians have written down (or misinterpreted), and that often the role of home and hearth is vastly understated in our collective understanding of what influenced/influences our past and future.
  13. TheRealLindsey

    Futuristic Lingo Quiz

    I love this! Reminds me of the Neuromancer lingo. It was a hard book to follow, even after you get used to the jargon. I'm a sucker for wordplay though. I think you've come up with some cool ideas. I particularly like the screen scraper one
  14. TheRealLindsey

    Saying goodbye to my imaginary friends

    Wow! What a journey. I can't wait to read how the series ends <3
  15. Want more of Shuri? Marvel has you covered--Moon Girl, another tech-savvy black girl genius, is coming to the small screen. Read More View the full article
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