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  1. FALL!!!!

    Are we soul sisters? lol Let's hear it for: sweaters cozy weekends hot chocolate cheesy Christmas romance movies
  2. How do I get into/start a club?

    Great question! We have just recently rolled out this feature, and it is "unlocked" when someone buys our book club package and starts a book club with their friends. Then they are able to create a private space on the forums where their book club can chat.
  3. Bonus post: lazy peach butter

    I love peaches!!! I wish they didn't make my mouth numb tho (mild allergy). This looks delicious.
  4. Contest question

    That's a great question Reesha! Right now we are going to limit it to one per person in term of the contest. However, if you want to submit multiple for the purposes of publishing them on the HerStoryArc blog that is totally fine. Just let us know which one you want to be your "contest" entry in the email.
  5. New Members!

    Welcome to F-BOM! We are so excited you are here. I'm Lindsey Taveren, one of the F-BOM co-founders, and everyday we are working hard to create a community that you can be proud to be a part of. Please introduce yourself here! We would love to learn more about you, and what you are hoping to find with your new F-BOM membership. Awesome books? Check! A place to ask the author a question? Check! Forums to discuss literature and feminist? Check and Check! If you have questions, you can submit them in our public "support" forum, or via a private support request. Not sure where to start? Why don't you join us around the watercooler?
  6. OMG Handmaids Tale *spoilers*

    I finally set up my 30 day hulu trial so I could watch Handmaid's Tale. OMG - it is SO good! I'm pregnant right now, and it adds a whole 'nother level (queue Keegan's mad TV skit). Seriously blowing my mind! First, I didn't expect the show to do such a thorough job explaining how slowly everything unfolded to lead to this extreme future where women are involuntarily breedstock for the elites of society. They do an excellent job showing how complacency and not fighting for every right leads to an erosion from which there is no return. Second, the dystopic society is fascinating and horrible to learn about. We root so hard for the handmaid's, and all those who suffer. The show paints elegantly how compicit wealthy, privileged white women are in creating a society where all women (themselves included) must suffer. Third, the overall politics of the outside world are interestingly shown, through Canada's hosting a pseudo-American government and Mexico striking a trade deal (for hand maids) no less. Now, I haven't read the books yet, so I don't know how they compare, but I'd love to hear it. Anyone else have thoughts?
  7. And so it begins. . . Again

    Wow, 1,000,000 words of fiction! You should get some kind of leather jacket or golden watch from the author's guild for hitting that milestone I have yet to finish my first book (like 90% of other would-be authors), but have published a short story and plan to do a few more. I wonder if I will have to just trunk by longer story at some point. BTW - This blog post ties in perfectly with the question I just left you in the Derelict area. <3
  8. I'm excited for another day of the Minneapolis Convergence convention! :)

  9. Derelict MOBI Version

    Version 1.0.0


    By LJ Cohen
  10. Derelict EPUB Version

    Version 1.0.0


    By LJ Cohen
  11. The Goddess “Wonder Woman”: A Feminist Review

    Me too!
  12. I'm SUPER excited for all the site changes we just did!

  13. Did you know that the founders of Her Story Arc are starting a new venture? If you’re on our mailing list you’ve already heard the good news. F-BOM (which stands […] View the full article
  14. It’s hard to know where to start. When it was announced that Wonder Woman would be getting her own movie years ago, I was excited that the debut would coincide […] View the full article
  15. Fangirling: Veronica Mars

    I love everything about mysteries. Solving them, creating them, reading them, watching them or playing them. It doesn’t matter what format they come in. I enjoy them immensely, probably due […] View the full article
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