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  1. Want more of Shuri? Marvel has you covered--Moon Girl, another tech-savvy black girl genius, is coming to the small screen. Read More View the full article
  2. Instead of a traditional review, here is a discussion of the amazing aspects of the movie, and further reading from black writers, filmmakers, and critics. Read More View the full article
  3. Friends, there’s a part of me that dares to hope we might actually be in the midst of a lasting cultural shift. The explosion of attention on sexual harassment of women has reached every corner, from high-powered actresses to your Facebook feed. Living with, talking about, and managing sexual harassment isn’t new for women. What’s… Read More View the full article
  4. Netflix did not let me down. A Series of Unfortunate Events has all the charming cleverness of the books and a great respect for its central characters Read More View the full article
  5. As we near Galentines Day...

    You can hardly go to any store now without some kind of pink, heart festooned Valentines day display around every corner. How do my fellow rebels enjoy and/or revile this holiday season? For myself, I'm just trying to stay away from the very aromatic chocolate aisles... My husband and I don't really do valentines day, and TBH I don't do the galentines day thing either. When I was a kid though my mom made it special for us with little gifts, which I do plan on doing with my own children.
  6. Netflix’s Bright: A Feminist Movie Review

    Jackoby and Ward are responding to a call when they find themselves in possession of a magic wand, an extremely rare magical object. Suddenly everyone is after them. Read More View the full article
  7. Fave beverage/book combo?

    I DO enjoy a nice coffee on Sunday morning with a good book (or the news... I'm getting old!)
  8. Fave beverage/book combo?

    Oooh, I love this question. Perhaps this is more seasonal, but I really enjoy drinking hot cocoa and reading "A Christmas Carol". Otherwise I don't really trust myself with beverages while reading (I'm a bit of a klutz)
  9. Feminist Book Review: Illuminae

    THIS BOOK IS ABOUT ZOMBIES IN SPACE. Not really, I mean, there a lot more going on than that in this ambitious book. But nothing gets people’s attention like zombies in space. Presented as a dossier of IM, email, video, transcripts, diary entries and more, Illuminae is a modern epistolary novel. This format can be… Read More View the full article
  10. Food in Fiction

    YES!!! I had forgotten about that chocolate cake. For real, that had me drooling too. I used to read Matlida every single night for awhile. It was sort of a comfort routine. I would skim to my fave parts, then skim to the end. I think I did that for a solid couple months in the 3rd/4th grade (can't quite remember which)
  11. Food in Fiction

    I am a BIG FAN of detailed food description in books. When authors gloss over meals, especially in non-modern, non-earth stories, I always wonder about what people eat. One of my favorite authors who writes about food in a delicious way is Brian Jacques in his Redwall series. Other suggestions?
  12. Feminist Book Review: Romeo and/or Juliet

    Every so often the debate arises: Was Shakespeare a real person? Did he write the plays he is famous for? Or did he collaborate with other writers, or steal their work, or was his name just a pseudonym? Ryan North has the answer–Shakespeare stole his famous tale Romeo and Juliet from Ryan himelf. “How?” you… Read More View the full article
  13. Feminist Book Review: The Summer Prince

    The city of Palmares Tres rises above the post-holocaust wasteland that was once Brazil. Men destroyed the world so now, in Palmares Tres, women rule. But every five years, the Queen chooses a king. When June Costa is just 16 years old, a young man named Enki is crowned king. June and Enki bond over… Read More View the full article
  14. Black Mirror and EC Episode

    I was mixed about it. I was initially confused once the nurse said it was EC, because it didn't make sense the mom would use EC when she knew the sexual encounter was older than 24 hours. When the nurse said she was no longer pregnant, then I assumed the same as you did - that in this future world we have an accessible early abortion OTC option. I can see how people would be upset though. No doubt we are a bit more aware of the issue of Plan B and how it is different than abortion. It could be that other people are still conflating the two, and this episode will further cement their belief. That first episode though! Such a good one - that is my favorite so far.
  15. Happy New Year!!! What are your resolutions??

    It sounds like everyone will be using their sisu in 2018
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