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  1. Happy New Year!!! What are your resolutions??

    Strength train with goal of being able to lift 50 pounds comfortably and do at least one pull-up (never was able to do this in gym class.) Finish first revision of writing project. Reading goal I listed in other thread. Everyone needs more 'sisu'!
  2. Best TV Show of all time (and why?)

    I have a difficult time deciding which show is the best of all time (too many good shows for that!) That said, I was very, very impressed with Breaking Bad. For all the things it does right, I keep coming back to character development. The main protagonist becomes the antagonist and the lines of morality get so blurred it's hard to tell right from wrong anymore. The finale left me hollowed out and stunned for a few days. For the record, I think Walt is a wicked human being. I also love the revamped Doctor Who, although it has started to lose its charm for me (series seven went way downhill, yikes.) Hope it picks up again.
  3. FALL!!!!

    We forgot apples! I love apple season, going to orchards, very inexpensive and delicious apples... McIntosh, Pink Lady, and Honeycrisp, oh my! I had a caramel apple with crushed peanuts yesterday, and it was divine
  4. FALL!!!!

    Cool weather Cool weather Cool weather Did I say cool weather?! Trees changing colors Hot soup (especially squash and pumpkin!!!) Harvest moon (Spring's actually my favorite season, but I'll take fall over brain-frying summer heat) It's officially fall tomorrow, isn't it?
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