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  1. Sailorbloom

    New from California!

  2. Sailorbloom

    Avengers excitement anyone?

    I still haven't seen it!!!! Gah, I've heard people die, so great, I have THAT To look forward too...
  3. Sailorbloom

    Trusting the future self

    This reminds me so much of a story that John Cleese tells about his time in college. He did sketches with a group at the college, and one day he lost the script. He had to rewrite it fairly quickly in order to have it in time for a performance. To his surprise, the second script ended up being much better than the first. Between the two writings, his brain had been working behind the scenes basically refining what was good and ditching the unimportant. I have thought about this too with my own writing. I have a TON of notes and drafts of a story that I thought up when I was 13. I know in my heart I have to start fresh at this point, but it's REALLY hard to do!
  4. Sailorbloom

    What are we afraid of?

    Gosh that's so tough. It's equally hard when you read studies about how people double down on their misinformed beliefs in the face of facts. It's hard to know what will work to persuade someone! If they haven't formed an opinion yet that's one thing, but when they are in the polar opposite came it seems like there is little that can be done except to humanize what they have dehumanized. Hopefully that would restore their humanity. It's really difficult to do that though, especially when the problem is so far away from us geographically!
  5. Sailorbloom

    Camp Nanowrimo

    Thanks for the input! I can see how less people would be involved. I've actually never heard of it until now. I think it might be a good launching point for getting into writing again. And gross - I hate snobs. They're everywhere. There's always someone ready and willing to be holier-than-thou
  6. Sailorbloom

    Camp Nanowrimo

    Has anyone done this before? How is it different from regular Nanowrimo? I'm trying to decide if I want to do it or not, but it sounds more freeform than maybe I'm looking for. "Camp NaNoWriMo is a virtual writer’s retreat, designed for maximum flexibility and creativity. We have Camp sessions in both April and July, and we welcome word-count goals between 30 and 1,000,000. In addition, writers can tackle any project they’d like, including new novel drafts, revision, poetry, scripts, and short stories."
  7. Sailorbloom

    As we near Galentines Day...

    I appreciate the sentiment. The gifts are just consumerism at it's finest on these types of holidays
  8. Sailorbloom

    As we near Galentines Day...

    Yeah, I'm guessing this may just be a fellow introvert talking (since we're all self-professed book nerds here), but I don't do v-day either. Just another day at work where there are too many sweets around. My advice to everyone - stay away from any communal food areas! The flu season is still in full swing and I for one do not trust my co-workers
  9. Sailorbloom

    Fave beverage/book combo?

    I read that last one as chocolate bubbly wine and though - I need to get some of that!
  10. Sailorbloom

    Fave beverage/book combo?

    Curious to know if you have a certain drink you like to indulge in while reading. I like to drink thematically myself. Cream soda with Harry Potter for example (my poor woman's butterbeer, lol). I drink tea a lot anyways, but I'll try to pick flavors that match settings. Such as Earl Grey tea when I'm drinking Jane Austen
  11. Sailorbloom

    Food in Fiction

    I can say that I've spent a larger than average amount of time trying to imagine what klah tastes like in Anne McAffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern books! It's supposed to be like a coffee drink, but different. In her book Dinosaur Planet I was equally fascinated by a chemist/biologist on the team whose job it was to cook food using ingredients found on alien planets. That idea has really stuck with me, and made me wonder how you make something so, well, alien palatable for the human tongue
  12. Sailorbloom

    Happy New Year!!! What are your resolutions??

    I would love to get back into a work out routine as well, which is pretty much the predictable answer, but I've had it year over year! Some years I'm successful others not so much. 2018 feels like it will be a good one. I did yoga yesterday after all!
  13. Sailorbloom

    Black Mirror and EC Episode

    Has anyone here watched the 4th season of Black Mirror yet? I was curious about reactions to the Archangel episode. I've seen complaints online that it confuses the Plan B pill with an abortion, further clouding the issue of making emergency contraception available over the counter. However, I never interpreted the pill she took as a Plan B generic. I figured since it was a near-future type episode with that degree of tracking technology that the pill was in fact a safe OTC abortion option. Thoughts?
  14. Sailorbloom

    Best TV Show of all time (and why?)

    So this last couple of weeks I've been bingeing the first two seasons of HBO's "The Wire" and MY GOD, this show is hands down some of the best TV I've ever watched. I had heard good things from people before, but I finally checked it out because i needed something to fill the void each week between thew new Walking Dead episodes. If you haven't watched it yet - do it. The Wire is SUCH good writing. It is a character driven show where every person has a story and is important. The setting is Baltimore, and we see the innermost workings of a West Side drug ring and the Baltimore police special detail that are trying to unravel the ring. The politics on both sides is intricate, and the characters often find themselves in lose-lose situations. It does a really good job of showing the bleak realities of the young men, and women, who feel that drug trafficking is their only way to make a living. It also shows how corruption of the police force can prevent good work from being done. I still have three seasons of "The Wire" left, but now I'm watching the first season of the Sopranos, because I am thirsty for more good TV I have been missing out on. What recommendations do you all have? What's your favorite show of all time and why?
  15. Sailorbloom

    TV Review: ‘The Good Place’ Gives You the Good Shirt

    Love this show!
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