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  1. Owlla

    Avengers excitement anyone?

    I'm doing a Marvel movie marathon leading up to the new Avengers movie. Anyone else going to see the new one?? I'm super excited for Guardians to meet the rest if the Avengers.
  2. Owlla

    The Art of Halcyone Space

    Love the new cover!
  3. Owlla

    Fave beverage/book combo?

    Chocolate wine is totally a thing! http://www.totalwine.com/wine/dessert-fortified-wine/chocolate-wine/c/000156
  4. Owlla

    Happy New Year!!! What are your resolutions??

    No shame in that!
  5. Owlla

    Subscription Box Recommendations

    I'm seriously debating Unicorn Crate or Fairy Loot. I can only do one, so I'm torn because they both sound so cool!
  6. Owlla


    Is anyone else here as stoked as I am for fall? Harry Potter season Nanowrimo candy! Costumes Dare I say it... pumpkin spice?
  7. Can you feel the fall tonight? The chill the evening brings? The trees, for once, no longer just green, and geese are flying south...

  8. Owlla

    New Members!

    Hallo everybody!
  9. Just another day

  10. Owlla

    The process of Parallax

    This is such a good breakdown of the actual writing process. I've been spinning my wheels on a first draft forever (I know - just like everyone else!), and just need to buckle down and crank it out with a word count goal each week. It's amazing how the words pile up after a few weeks. It's like compounding interest in my retirement account (i wish!)
  11. Owlla

    The Goddess “Wonder Woman”: A Feminist Review

    Loved this movie!
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