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  1. Intisar Khanani

    Fave beverage/book combo?

    I, uh, always liked the idea of curling up with a cup of hot chocolate or the like and a good book, but if the book is at all good, my hot beverage gets pretty cold and I end up gulping it down at the very end so as not to waste it. For some reason, colder beverages have never appealed. Maybe one day I'll work out the balance of reading and sipping a warm beverage the same time...
  2. Intisar Khanani

    Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Love it! That is awesome.
  3. Intisar Khanani

    Subscription Box Recommendations

    Oh wow! I hadn't seen Unicorn Crate before, and now I want that too! ? The life of a bookworm! ???
  4. Intisar Khanani

    Share your Halloween Costumes!

    I understand this completely. I kept thinking I was going to dress up, and in the end... my kids wore their costumes from last year (which they still love) and I was just glad to pull on my jacket and walk with them. That's okay, though. It will balance out another year, and sometimes you have to give other things priorities. ? Maybe next year we'll both manage it!
  5. Intisar Khanani

    Share your Halloween Costumes!

    Oh shoot - I forgot to take pictures yesterday! *terrible mom moment* I didn't dress up myself, but I took a blue unicorn and a "monkey cat" trick-or-treating.
  6. Intisar Khanani

    Subscription Box Recommendations

    I've been eyeing The Alignist because... a multi-sensory box featuring stories from different cultures from around the world just sounds awesome. Haven't made the jump yet! http://www.thealignist.com/subscribe/
  7. Intisar Khanani


    Yes for apples! I'm hoping to take my two little girls apple picking next weekend. There's a lovely little farm about an hour away that grows seven or eight different varieties of apples. And makes their own cider. *swoons* Also, campfires and s'mores? Those are even more awesome on cool autumn evenings. And there are less mosquitos. And sweaters. Nice loose comfy sweaters that only vaguely resemble their original shape and make you feel like you're carrying your snuggle with you all day long...
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