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  1. Moon Princes Thia

    Bookstagram Anyone?

    Does anyone here have a "bookstagram"? I'm debating starting one and am curious to know what the pros/cons are. I like the idea of being part of a book community online.
  2. Moon Princes Thia

    Food in Fiction

    So Much this! I freakin' ADORED those books. Triss was one of my favorites. Was it dandelion wine they drink? I swear this was my first introduction to the desire for alcohol, LOL
  3. Moon Princes Thia

    2017: A Year in this Writer's Life

    Awesome year! I hope 2018 brings good things for all of us
  4. Moon Princes Thia

    Happy New Year!!! What are your resolutions??

    I started a new thread cuz I need help with mine!!
  5. Moon Princes Thia

    New Members!

    I would also like to know! I love book blogs - do you do YA?
  6. Moon Princes Thia

    New Members!

    Well, since you asked so nicely I'm a big YA reader fan but super curious about reading more adult fiction too, since I've neglected that for so long. I'm interested in F-BOM because I want to support indie writers (especially women!). So far I've loved everything I've read, so I'm a fan for life! In my personal life, not much to tell, I work a boring day job, single, have a cat, that's about it. I'm toying around with writing a book, but we'll see how far that goes.
  7. Loving the new outfit I'm sporting today! Maybe I'll get a manicure later? #selfcare

  8. A fellow moonie!!! <3

    1. Moon Princes Thia

      Moon Princes Thia

      ONLY the old Sailor Moon though, I ABHOR The new stuff. I'm a bit of a purist 

  9. woohoo! I'm an official beta-tester now :)


    1. Sailorbloom


      Welcome to the club!

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